Our Work 


GESIPR is committed to supporting Kirkstall community deal with the socio economic challenges of COVID 19 Pandemic in partnership with the Leeds City Council and Voluntary Action for Leeds.

The Gateway Project

The Gateway Project is aimed at supporting prison leavers to break the cycle of offending, remove barriers and begin moving them towards employement. The project will also consider the designing of bespoke skills training packages based on the individual needs of each participants as it is envisaged that participants will have diverse level of skills set needed to get in to employment.


The aim of the One Stop Shop Project  is to continually reduce crime in the Kirkstall area and make our community safer by supporting the rehabilitative process of female ex-offenders. The project provide continued support to enhance positive change for these women through councelling, skills biulding and training for employment, information sharing on women's health matters and general wel-being, signposting, confidence building, socializing and befriending as a way of reducing the risk of re-offending, reducing social exclusion and empowering women.

GESIPR Food Poverty Relief Project establishes new partnership with FareShare in Leeds & also benefit from WRAP Covid 19 Surplus Food Grant

The wrap surplus food grant support our Covid 19 food redistribution activity in Kirkstall area in Leeds. Through this grant we procured a vehicle that is instrumental to our work, recruit more volunteers and reach out to the wider Leeds community targeting an average of 50 household a week from low income families.

Our food collection from ALDI store through the Neighbourly have now increased to 3 days per week. We also collect from three Cooperative stores 7 days a week and receive weekly food donation from Fareshare. With this grant we are be able to reach out to more people per week.


 This is very timely as we observe the demand and increase for more food supplies due to the out -break of the Corona Virus.  

In addition to our partnership with Neighbourly community through which GESIPR recieve surplus food donation from Aldi food store, Vesper Road Cooperative and Butcher Hill Cooperative Food store we are now working in partnership with FareShare in Leeds. With our established partnership with Fareshare we now recieve weekly donations of food which is redistributed in the Kirkstall community, meeting the demand for food among families, single parents, and people living with numerious challenges. 

Cragside Community Led Housing Project (FUNDED BY GROUNDWORK COMMUNITY LED HOMES)

The project aims to reduce homelessness and increase affordable housing in the community. Our objective is to work as a community to provide affordable housing for the less priviledge, vulnerable individuals and low income families

The Vision

Cragside Community Led Housing Project was born out of an initiative to contribute to reducing homelessness and create affordable housing for vulnerable groups of people in the community availing home ownership. This initiative was further developed into a community led housing project by a group of residents living in Hawksworth, in Kirkstall who are also part of GESIPR.

Many local people are shut out of traditional housing options and countless number of people are on waiting list for years waiting to be housed. In addition to this, increase in the cost of housing has led many to be homeless and as well as increase in the population in Kirkstall and Leeds. The irony of all this is that there are countless number of empty properties in Leeds Kirkstall, Amley and Bramley area that could be refurbished and used as affordable housing to reduce the issue of homelessness.

The vision of Cragside Community-Led Housing  Project is to address the issue of homelessness by providing affordable housing targeting Black and Ethnic Minority groups, refugees and asylum seekers, People with low income, ex-offenders and single parents. 

Our goal is to provide permanent and affordable accommodation for as many individuals and families that are at risk of being homeless and reduce the percentage of homelessness in Leeds by at least 10%. In addition we want to help people come against barriers that are challenging in traditional housing groups.



We aim to do this through various housing schemes including refurbishing existing buildings and building new homes, rent or buy and lease options. We also aim to work collaboratively with the government house builders, property investors and residents to reduce housing challenges with in a ten year period.

Our plan is to hire contractors conduct a survey to ascertain the housing needs and evaluate the property basket to be able to target and engage in lease housing, distress/rogue landlords, address void properties, outright purchasing, volunteer engagement in renovating and buy to sell. We also want to support community service, offering care options to tenants and in neighborhood with an approach to tackle isolation.   

We have succesfully pade a visit to Canopy Community Led Housing Group as part of our coordination with other community led housing groups. 



Community Engagement event organised by GESIPR at Hawksworth Wood Conservative club on the 17th December 2019.







The projects supports vulnerable females with multiple complex needs in Kirkstall providing councelling befriending and socializing with new people, building positive social networks, information sessions, signposting and referrals,bespoke skills training confidence and skills training.


 An exciting way to learn English Language through cooking

The First quarter of the Language Hub project  spanned from April  to June 2019. It promoted the practice of the English Language among settled and migrant communities in Leeds to improve their English Language skills, promote healthy eating, learn about places to shop in Leeds and new cooking skills by bringing people together and helping them. Four cooking lessons were successfully done with an average of 10 participants in each session, the project supports the English language learning through conversation and activity-based platforms.The sessions were attended by participants from Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, Guinea Conakry, Uganda, Syria, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Guli from Iran is one of 20 participants to demonstrate cooking skills and learn the English Language in the process. She says she is very excited to be part of the English Language hub whilst sharing her traditional cuisine called Dolma. She says “With language hub I feel like a teacher for the first time and also a student at the same time”. She added that she is proud to be part of the Lets cook and practice English project. She disclosed that the Language Hub project has created a new passion in her to share with people her cultural and traditional food recipes availing the most unique cuisines.

The outcome was great and during the process of cooking I learnt the word “Pot lid”from the facilitator which I never knew before. I was given the opportunity to ask questions about some English words but I found the “Pot Lid” most exciting and interesting as I had not been able to grasp its meaning and pronouns it ever since I arrived in the UKuntil my encounter with the Language Hub Project. I never thought I will stand and talk using the English Language. I had practiced a lot at home and I was happy to be corrected during my presentation. During the sessions, participants were given opportunity to ask questions and take down notes”.

“I have learnt how to ask question correctly in English using ‘what’ ;How’ ‘where’ and ‘When”. Perry from Iran

“I have developed more confidence in speaking English among my friends. I feel I can express myself in English more confidently even if I do find I cannot say something correctly in English, I feel confident to ask someone”. Mariama, from Guinea.

 All 20 beneficiaries reported to have learnt new words and constructed new sentences in English Language correctly.

All participants reported to have increased confidence in asking questions to improve their English Language skills.

They were able to prepare different Cuisines like Dolma, Lentil & Veg soup and Couscous with chicken stew.



The project is implemented in partnershp with FareShare Go Charity and the Neighbourly Community in Leeds. We do weekly collection of surplus food from Aldi, Tesco and M&S food stores. The food is distributed within the Hawksworth Wood community in Kirkstall Leeds to reduce food porverty and hunger in the community. An average of 30 households with a total of 300 people including children benifit from the weekly food supplies. These families comprise of low income families, single parents and other vunerable individuals with complex needs.

 Hawksworth Wood Better Days Youth Project

The project recieves new funding from the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commisioner Fund forthe provision of Covid -19 support for vunerable children's charity. The Fund will support the Hawksworth Wood Better Days Project for violence reduction among youth through the provision of 10 ipads to fercilitate online youth activities and programmes.

The project divert young people away from anti-social behaviour and any incoming negativity. Young people from the Hawksworth Wood Community are enabled to divert their energy into positive challenges during school days and holiday periods. It Creates an anti-oppressive environment where young people are encouraged to examine their attitudes and behaviour within the locality and at school whilst also Introduces an alternative curriculum for underachievers and internal truancy. The alternative is education from a group work perspective that allows young people to reflect on their actions and their consequences. It Increases social activity in Hawksworth Wood Community for youths and young people within 12 months and help young people with their own personal development in terms of motivation, self esteem and communication skills.

The project aims to secure the following outcome..

1.  Reduction in the number of anti-social behaviour reported among youths in the Hawksworth Wood Community.

2. A developed alternative curriculum for underachievers and internal truancies.

3. Number of new social activities or initiatives for youths and young people developed within 12 months in the Hawksworth Wood Community.

4. Feedback report from project beneficiaries on their own personal development in relation to their self-esteem, motivation and communication skills.

5. Monitoring and Evaluation conducted after every youth work session.

7. Provision of quaterly report submitted to Jimbo Fund Project Management Team. 



Information Sharing through: Education, training and employment advice:

  • Increase their skills and knowledge
  • Engage in education, training, voluntary work and employmentCragside Community Led Housing Project
  • Enable women to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Support women to increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce re-offending


Provide independent advocacy, advice and unconditional support to women and their children who are marginalized and disadvantaged as a result of domestic violence/abuse and /or other social exclusion factors. Support women who are assessed as being high or very high risk of continued domestic and sexual abuse. (Crisis intervention)


Past Projects

The Gateway Project - September 2018

The Gateway Project is a project designed for women who have come in contact with the criminal justice system or at risk of doing so. The aim of the project is to provide continued support to enhance positive change for these women through counselling, skill building, information sharing, signposting, confidence building, socializing and befriending. This reduces the risk of re-offending, social exclusion and promotes community cohesion.


Women's Sexual Health Awareness Project - September 2018

This will enable women from the Black and Minority Ethnic community to become more aware of their own sexual health. The Women's Sexual Health Awareness Project is conducted within 12 weekly sessions. Modules on related issues such as family planning, transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including testing and treatment, breast and cervical cancer, and reproductive health will be developed. Also issues such as poor hygienic practices affecting women's sexual health will be discussed. The modules will be used throughout the sessions. Each session will last for 2 hours and will be interactive, and participatory.

Mental Health Awareness Training for GESPIR volunteers - June 2015

Three-day training on mental health awareness for volunteers working with black and Asian minority ethnic women ex-offenders in Leeds.

Business Skills Training for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic Women in Kirkstall - June 2015

A two-week business skills training for black and Asian minority ethnic women in Kirkstall. Ten women benefitted from this training and aspire to start up their own businesses. This is a positive outcome for GESIPR in terms of empowering socially excluded groups through skills training and information sharing.